Visionary companies deliver world class-care through Hypermedica

Accelerate your growth with our enterprise-grade virtual care technology. Trusted by partners to expand their reach, enhance patient care, reduce costs and increase the bottom line.

Why choose us to power your virtual care services?

Leverage our cutting-edge platform to seamlessly offer hybrid health services to vast audiences, anytime, anywhere. Craft a healthcare journey so intuitive, it becomes the very definition of care.

Plug & Play

Start easily by getting your needs serviced right away, without changing what you’re already doing.

API integration

Employ our APIs to generate and handle telehealth encounters for your patients, whether utilizing our solution or your own.


Obtain a comprehensive, customizable virtual care experience that can be branded with your own label, enabling you to launch rapidly.

Built for growth

As your company grows, our solution grows with you. Integrate new clinical services and features effortlessly as you expand.


From implementation to business growth, Hypermedica partners with clients to build healthcare solutions for the future.

Implementaion & support

We provide comprehensive implementation and support services to ensure a smooth and successful adoption of our Hypermedica.

Your business crafted around your vision

Harness Hypermedica to refine your business, aligning perfectly with your brand ethos. Understand that every choice is an investment towards your business’s vision. Choose the future with Hypermedica.

Maximize efficiency with our comprehensive suite of integrated services

Hypermedica elevates Telehealth, creating a digital care fusion of in-person, automated, and virtual touchpoints. In collaboration with our clients, we optimize the care path, ensuring superior results for all involved.

Take control of your patient data

Connect throughout care, meet patients, and keep your hybrid workforce agile.

Practice management

Minimize workload with practice management software for billing, reporting, and messaging.

Patient engagement

Enhance patient experience from online discovery to communication and re-care reminders.

Strategic partnership

Our team of experts lets you concentrate on what's vital — exceptional patient care.

Built for all Industries

Easy enrollment. No installations, no downloads. You’re just 3 steps away

Health plan providers, Medicare, and Medicaid

Health plans, Medicare and Medicaid can offer their members access to virtual care through Hypermedica, improving access and convenience.

Hospital & healthcare systems

Hospitals and healthcare systems can utilize Hypermedica to provide virtual care services across multiple clinical settings and streamline their operations.

Solo & private practices

Solo and private practices can leverage Hypermedica to provide virtual care services to their patients, increasing accessibility and improving patient satisfaction.


Government entities can utilize Hypermedica to provide virtual care services and improve access to healthcare in their communities and their employees.

Labs & diagnostics

Labs & diagnostics can leverage Hypermedica’s platform to securely share test results with their patients and healthcare providers.

Digital health companies

Digital health companies can integrate with Hypermedica’s platform to launch products, expand their services and reach a broader audience.

Retailers & Pharmacies

Retailers & pharmacies can use Hypermedica to provide virtual care services to their customers, creating a more comprehensive healthcare offering.

Employers & brokers

Employers & brokers can use Hypermedica to provide their employees with virtual care options, increasing access to healthcare while reducing costs.

Higher education

Higher education institutions can use Hypermedica to provide virtual healthcare services to students and staff, adding value to their offer while ensuring their well-being.


Pharma companies can use Hypermedica’s platform to conduct virtual clinical trials and reach a larger pool of potential participants.

Elevate your virtual care offerings with Hypermedica, delight your clientele, and drive superior healthcare outcomes.

Allow us to lead your first move. Embark on your journey with us.
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