Fast, simple, intuitive virtual care for body and mind.

Skip the rides, lines, waits, and paperwork. Consult a doctor or therapist from home using your device. No account needed! Just use your provider’s link.

Benefits of an online doctor visit

Experience healthcare without the traditional waiting room hassle. Get quality consultations from the comfort of your home, tailored to your schedule and needs.

Increased accessibility

Telehealth has expanded healthcare access. Now patients have live, on-demand video visits with a physician of their choice from anywhere.

Prescriptions and referrals

Prescriptions, lab orders, and referrals can be sent electronically to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice.

Enhanced convenience and flexibility

Patients can schedule appointments outside of traditional business hours and avoid long wait times at the doctor’s office.

Increased patient satisfaction

Patients can receive more frequent check-ins and have greater access to their medical records and test results

Improved patient outcomes

Telehealth consultations can reduce hospital readmissions and improve medication adherence.

Reduced healthcare costs

By avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office or emergency room, patients can save on transportation costs and co-payments.

Online doctor visits, 24/7

See a doctor or therapist from home, using your phone, tablet, or computer. If you’re having a medical emergency, please call 911.

There are a wide range of services available on Hypermedica

Hypermedica is not just for urgent care! We offer a variety of online services to cover all of your healthcare needs, including urgent care, specialty care, and behavioral health.

Urgent care

When ill, our 24/7 team guides recovery and prescribes as needed. Trust our path to wellness.

Behavioral health

Our psychology team offers support, from talk therapy to medication, prioritizing mental health.

Preventive care

Our care team works with you for improved daily health. From nutrition to screenings, we provide effective solutions.

Chronic care

Our tailored care lets you prioritize health your way. For chronic issues, we're a button away, ensuring easy access.

How it works

Easy enrollment. No installations, no downloads. You’re just 3 steps away

Enroll to a practice

Setting up an account is quick, requiring just a few simple steps and a moment of your time. Rest assured, your details are safely stored for all subsequent online interactions.

Choose a doctor

Select the doctor that aligns with your needs. We present a roster of available physicians, detailing their expertise and patient reviews, prior to initiating your consultation.

Start your visit

Leverage our secure, high-definition video on both our web and mobile platforms. Connect and converse with a physician anytime, whether you’re at home or on the move.

Why wait in waiting rooms when the doctor can be just a click away? Embrace the change; now is the moment to try telemedicine!

Streamlined consultations. Personalized care.
All from the comfort of your space.
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