Be a part of healthcare’s new generation

Easily connect with new and existing patients
wherever you are.

Modern and user-friendly

Cloud-based, and mobile friendly technology for both, patients and clinicians.

Flexible & scalable

Lightweight, intuitive, and
white-label solution for video
visits that prioritizes simple
connectivity and rapid

Dynamic patient registration

Easy and reliable registration options allow clinicians to send simple visit invitations with or without the need for patient registration.

Global security / compliance

HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA / PHIPA, and HITECH compliant with data encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Designed for healthcare providers

Increase quality of care and communications

Optimize patient outcomes

Enhance collaboration between staff and clinicians for patient care with next generation digital communications.

Amplify communications

Promote real-time engagement, communicate better and meet with your patients anywhere.

Boost existing resources

Boost your resources and expand your brand’s reach with our innovative health technology offerings.

Expand your service offerings

Provide more services, reach more patients and empower patients to take their health into their own hands.

A complete virtual care hub

Systematically expand your presence
and service offerings

Urgent care
Behavioral therapy
Managed Medicare
Virtual primary care
EAP therapy
Chronic care
Safe return to work
Women’s health

How it works

Easy enrollment. No installations, no downloads

Choose a plan and sign up

Get up and running today with simple self enrollment. Just choose the plan that best suits your practice needs. Whether you want to practice solo or go big with custom features, you can do it on a simple step.

Set up your practice

Brand your practice, setup provider profiles, manage your waiting room and appointment schedule right in the platform. Practice on-demand or through scheduled appointments. You can determine the amount to collect via credit card for each consultation.

Start seeing patients

Launch secure video visits fast from your web browser using a computer, iPad or iPhone to see patients for on-demand or scheduled visits. Consult and document right in the platform. You’ll receive your earnings into your specified bank account.

Ground breaking features in a single platform

Deliver end-to-end virtual care with a solution that
exceeds the essential capabilities and features of
popular telehealth products

Video / voice call

High quality video and voice resolution with multiple features and adjustable to available internet capacity, ensuring adequate communication even under limited technical conditions.


Administrative activities, such as appointment scheduling, real-time eligibility verifications and patient payments can be performed directly by the patients, giving the providers more time to dedicate to other activities and/or care delivery.

Communications / engagement

Communicate better and meet with your patients securely from anywhere.


 Expand your office workflow with a streamlined virtual visit experience.

Privacy & security

We take Privacy & Security very seriously. Our solution has been designed following the guidelines in support of national, federal and global security and privacy standards.


Our team will be delighted to help you if you ever experience any problems.

Build around you. After all, it’s your business!

White-labeled platform with advanced but friendly technology

A design that truly reflects your brand, meet the needs and match the look and feel of your business with your logos, colors, URLs, and much more.

Modalities of care


Have real-time virtual care encounters and consultations.


Review patients medical information at a separate time.


Get patients’s clinical data and information from a distance.

Welcome to the virtual care revolution

We are here to help you take the first step.
Let us be part of your journey.

Choose the plan that’s right for you

Only pay for what you use. Don't get stalled by
contracts, capacity planning, and price modeling.

USERS 1 - 10

$69 / month - billed monthly
Per Practice user per month

USERS 11 - 20

$64 / month - billed monthly
Per Practice user per month

USERS 21 - 60

$59 / month - billed monthly
Per Practice user per month

61 + USERS

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Per user participant minute

USERS 1 - 10

$62 / month - billed annually
Per Practice user per month

USERS 11 - 20

$58 / month - billed annually
Per Practice user per month

USERS 21 - 60

$53 / month - billed annually
Per Practice user per month

61 + USERS

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Per practice provider per month
* Prices displayed in USD, based on annual billing, but do not include applicable taxes.
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