Hypermedica - A virtual care platform to rule them all

Seamlessly deliver virtual care and empower patients with highly engaging tools, while keeping your branding front-and-center on the virtual care platform that grows with your business.

Enterprise grade telehealth connectivity

Next-level patient experiences

Modern practice management tools

Integrated, Brandable Solution

Easy, affordable, no contracts

All your virtual care needs. One Virtual platform.

Hypermedica is an enterprise-grade, all-in-one, and easy-to-use virtual care platform. It has all the tools, integrations, and resources you need to deliver word class virtual care. Each feature in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

For clinicians

Engage every patient personally on a single platform that combines an extensive suite of virtual care tools and digital communication channels.


For businesses

Accelerate your growth with our enterprise-grade virtual care technology. Trusted by partners to expand their reach, enhance care, reduce costs, and increase the bottom line.


For patients

Skip the long rides, the lines, the wait, and the never-ending paperwork. Get care without ever leaving your house, using your phone, tablet, or computer.


Welcome to Hypermedica!

Welcome to Hypermedica, the all-in-one, simple, easy to use telehealth collaboration platform.

Transform your virtual care program above and beyond

Hypermedica’s feature-rich, easy-to-use, core features will take your virtual care program to new heights.

Leverage an all-in-one, turnkey virtual care platform

Easily oversee all virtual care tools through Hypermedica’s robust, turnkey solution, tailored for diverse business environments. Effortlessly launch and expand virtual care capabilities with Hypermedica, saving time while offering a personalized patient experience that draws engagement on a larger scale.

Adapt quickly to rapid changes

Engineered with scalability as a paramount consideration, Hypermedica stands ready to fulfill the needs of both small practices and expansive healthcare organizations. This adaptability guarantees frictionless growth, unfettered by technical restrictions, and empowers a seamless evolution for all.

Enjoy multiple care modalities

Hypermedica seamlessly merges synchronous, asynchronous, and RPM care modalities, simplifying patient care while providing flexibility for healthcare providers. This integrated approach ensures a smooth and adaptable healthcare experience tailored to patient preferences and needs.

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools and software

Step into a new realm of efficiency through Hypermedica’s seamless fusion with EHR and PM systems. This elevated integration propels interoperability, equipping healthcare providers to effortlessly access essential patient data, ultimately refining and enhancing the process of care provision.

Your business, your way

With Hypermedica you’re able to customize your practice with a design that truly reflects your brand, meets your needs, and matches the look and feel of your business. After all, is your business.

Go far beyond video visits

Improve patient experiences

Be at the forefront of virtual care

Support each step of the way

Provide better virtual care, amaze your patients, and achieve better outcomes with Hypermedica

We are here to help you take the first step. Let us be part of your journey.
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